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Can Floatation Help With Anxiety?

01 February 2022

Floatation is an effective therapy for relieving anxiety, and a very effortless method too.

How can time in a float tank help with anxiety? And does one session show results, or do you have to float regularly to see a difference?

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Thinking About Adding a Float Tank to Your Current Business? Read This First

30 December 2021

If you’re considering adding float therapy to an existing business, you’ll want to go through the points on this article carefully.

We’ve laid out the main advantages and what you need to look at before you invest in a float tank.

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Benefits of Being Alone: Why Solitude is Good for You

30 November 2021

To be lonely is to feel truly isolated, like there’s no one you can reach out to in moments of need. Being alone, when it’s intentional, is something to embrace.

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How Can Floatation Help with PTSD?

22 October 2021

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an psychiatric disorder which affects people who’ve been through a life-changing traumatic event. How can time in a float tank help those dealing with the condition?

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Why Do We Need Magnesium?

24 September 2021

When you’re in the floatation industry, you hear a lot about magnesium, as it’s at the crux of much of what makes floating beneficial for our health. As it’s such a key aspect of floatation, if you work in the world of floatation it’s important you know and understand what makes this mineral so mighty.

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Want to Reduce Stress Levels? Try Minimising Blue Light

06 August 2021

Today we’re talking blue light and hormones. Why? These are important topics that affect everyone right now – as we lead lives increasingly plugged into devices and exposed to artificial blue light. And, as pioneers in the wellbeing industry with a great tool for improving people’s wellness, we think it’s important to look at the myriad ways we can hack our lifestyles to boost wellbeing.

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What is Blood Lactate? How Floating can Help with Sport Recovery

20 July 2021

In this article, we’re going to hone in on one of the key factors which makes float therapy beneficial for sport recovery: blood lactate. We’ll be exploring the science behind this compound and how it works, and how adding floatation to your post work-out or training routine can be a real asset to your game.

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Thinking of Starting A Float Business? 5 Tips From Float Centre Owners

23 June 2021

We recently caught up with some of our clients who have started float centres with i-sopod, in different locations around the globe. We wanted to find out what motivated them to start a floatation business, and how they’re doing today.

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The Latest Research: How Floating Affects The Brain

14 May 2021

We were excited to discover that the first ever MRI centred research on floatation therapy was recently carried out, exploring how floatation affects brain activity.

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Float Stories: The Journey to Opening The FloatSpot TX

15 April 2021

We recently checked in with Ray Thoma, owner and founder of The FloatSpot, Frisco USA, to hear the eventful story of how he came to set up his floatation business.

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7 Reasons Why You're Tired All The Time, And What To Do About It

12 March 2021

How often do you feel exhausted? Do you find yourself sleeping 8+ hours a night and still waking up feeling tired?

The answer isn’t simply sleep more. Nor is it necessarily to do with the quality of your sleep either…

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The Science of Floatation: How To Improve Brain Function

27 January 2021

What’s the connection between floatation and healthy brain function? How can floating in an isolation tank help the brain to function better? Here’s an exploration of how to improve brain function with floatation.

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Float Therapy During Pregnancy

05 December 2020

To help alleviate any prenatal discomfort many expectant mothers are turning to natural, holistic remedies and therapies which are proven to be effective and have long lasting benefits. Here are some of the ways in which floatation is a great choice for mums-to-be, facilitating pain relief and deep relaxation.

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Ways to Relieve Stress and Chronic Pain: The Benefits of Float Therapy

18 November 2020

Understanding the symptoms of stress in the body can help in recognising the signs in your own body, to tailor your self care routine according to how and where stress flares up for you. In this article, we’re going to explore the impact stress can have on the body, whilst looking into some chronic stress conditions which are currently on the rise. We’ll then take a closer look at how floatation can directly help to relieve the stress and the pain. We’ll be looking at one important recent scientific study which investigates exactly this, and breaking down the results.

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Feeling The Pandemic Stress? Floatation Could Be The Perfect Antidote.

26 October 2020

The ongoing pandemic is impacting us all, and whilst we may have been socially distanced from one another, we’ve been united by the commonality of the experience.

Here are some of the stresses and difficulties you may have been experiencing during the pandemic, and the ways in which floating can help.

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How Does a Floatation Tank Work?

09 October 2020

Time to break things down to the basics: here’s a close look at floatation tanks, what to expect when you first try floating and how the tanks work their magic.

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Meditation For Beginners: Is Floating a Shortcut to Meditation?

05 October 2020

The environment of a floatation tank is the perfect setting in which to first try turning your gaze inwards. Whilst floatation is no substitute for a meditation practice, it can definitely be a good way to complement it, and even a useful gateway to starting meditation.

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Are Float Tanks Safe?

21 August 2020

Yes! Floatation tanks are inherently safe when used by your average adult. Kids under 16 can use them, but should be supervised—always a good idea anyway, right? People with certain medical conditions should ask their medical practitioner or doctor if floatation tanks are right for them.

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Float Tanks and the Elite Athlete

14 February 2020

Floatation is used by world-renowned athletes to aid recovery, improve performance, and treat conditions. Learn more about float tanks and athletes here.

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Float Tanks Can Help With Autism, Asperger's, ADHD

01 December 2019

We are constantly bombarded by sounds, images, information, and the expectation that we can cope with all the pressure this sensory overload entails. This can be challenging for everyone, but particularly so for those who may live with neuro-developmental conditions such as Autism, Asperger syndrome and ADHD.

Floatation tanks can help with Autism, Asperger syndrome and ADHD. Find out more here.

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