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Float Therapy During Pregnancy

05 December 2020, by i-sopod

Pregnancy is undoubtably one of the most magical and exciting times in life, for both mum-to-be and her partner. As you prepare for your entire life to change and to welcome this new little human into the world, you will be experiencing several big changes in your body. While in many ways pregnancy is a time of total joy and wonder, it’s also natural that you will encounter physical discomfort. Float therapy during pregnancy is a gentle and effective way to ease the discomfort.

Here are some of the most common physical implications of pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy the body works extra hard to send nutrients and energy to your growing baby. This is an immense task which requires ultra human strength! And as if that wasn’t already hard work in itself, while you’re growing a human you continue with all of life’s duties: work, family, etc. It’s no wonder that many women feel exhausted and stressed at points during the nine months.
  • Pregnancy is also a whirlwind of hormones! With your estrogen, progesterone and HCG levels fluctuating throughout the nine month ride, it is common to have ups and downs in mood, possibly swinging to depression and irritability.
  • As your body nurtures and grows infant, you’re also producing a certain amount of necessary fat, extra blood, placenta and amniotic fluid. There is therefore a lot of extra physical weight which the body is not accustomed to which causes physical strain, muscular pains and soreness, and difficulty sleeping.

To help alleviate these forms of prenatal discomfort many expectant mothers are turning to natural, holistic remedies and therapies which are proven to be effective and have long lasting benefits. Here are some of the ways in which floatation is a great choice for mums to be, facilitating pain relief and deep relaxation.

Increase Magnesium Intake with a Float in Zero Gravity

Magnesium helps the body with an array of essential bodily functions (over 300!) and is very important during pregnancy, yet many expectant mothers are deficient in the mineral. Floating in water dense with Epsom salts (naturally rich in magnesium), transdermal absorption (i.e through the skin) is the most effective way of boosting your magnesium intake. A good dose of magnesium is proven to improve sleep patterns and help with insomnia, and also helps to reduce swelling in the body.

Also thanks to this high intake of magnesium, floating can reset your hormones as it regulates production of stress hormone cortisol, and helps to alleviate lactic acid in the muscles, leaving you feeling* balanced and revitalised*.

Doctors often recommend swimming as the best form of exercise during pregnancy, and so arguably floatation is even better..! Zero gravity in the pod means you are relieved of all the extra weight you’re carrying round the clock, and you can experience being completely weightless. This buoyancy has a ton of benefits during pregnancy, as all pressure is taken off the joints water retention and swelling are reduced, and blood pressure is lowered as blood circulation around the body is increased.

During the third trimester in particular there is a lot of added pressure to the organs meaning the body has to work extra hard to perform its essential functions. As your infant grows, the capacity of your lungs is compromised due to this extra pressure, making it difficult to take deep breaths. The physical pressure can also interfere with digestion. Once again, this is where the lack of gravity steps in, alleviating pressure and allowing you to breathe deeply, therefore increasing oxygenation around the body.

Time Out For Yourself With No Disruptions

While you go about your day to day life and prepare for the arrival of your baby there is usually heaps to do, and it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Taking the time out to float is a great form of self care and stress reduction. As the float tank cocoons you away from all sensory stimuli you slip into a deep state of relaxation with no concept of time, making it an ideal practice to relieve stress.

The Mirror Effect: A Womb-Like Experience

The environment of the isolation pod is as close as it gets to being in the womb itself, as you float in warm and comforting darkness. This experience promotes the physiological phenomenon known as the ‘mirror effect’, whereby expectant mothers are able to form a* closer physical and spiritual bond* with their baby through the similarity of the experience. We often hear from mums-to-be that being in the float tank they become a lot more aware of their baby’s movement, sometimes even hearing the little one’s heartbeat; a beautiful bonding experience!

Is floatation during pregnancy safe?

Floatation is proven to be totally safe throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy. Essentially it’s as safe as having a bath, but a lot more effective and relaxing! There’s only 10-13 inches of water in the pod, so there’s no risk of anything going wrong. As for hygiene, i-Sopods have built-in filtration and sanitisation systems which fully purify the water and disinfect the tank between each session.

Tips for Floating When Pregnant

As you prepare for your first float, we recommend you avoid drinking too much water beforehand and be sure to hydrate well after the session. A small protein based snack before your float is recommended, particularly if you’re dealing with nausea. Floating head rests are provided so you can fully recline without experiencing any tension.

All in all flotation therapy for pregnancy is a safe and effective way to relieve some of the physical aches and pains; a means to improving your quality of sleep, regulate hormone fluctuations, all while you slip into a deeply relaxed state of being. If you’re expecting and decide to give floatation a try, we’d love to hear how you get on!

If you’re totally new to floatation, head over to our blog post: How Does A Float Tank Work? for more info on what it’s all about.