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Will a Floatation Tank Work in My Town, City or Country?

22 February 2018, by i-sopod

Are you asking yourself whether or not a float tank business would work in the town, city or country where you’re based? At i-sopod we’ve worked with numerous people across the globe to supply their new businesses with our isolation tanks.

The growing concept of floating is gaining momentum and we’re seeing a lot of interest from those who are looking to be involved in this exciting industry.

In June of 2016 the i-sopod team installed 3 of our ground-breaking flotation tanks at Les Bulles à Flotter in Paris. This was the first designated float centre to be seen in France, and it turned out to be the start of something big.

The opening of Les Bulles à Flotter started a real proliferation of float centres to open in France over a short period of time. The centre was such a success that two more franchises for Les Bulles à Flotter have since opened in Bordeaux and Lille, with another Paris site also planned in 2018.

Recently we’ve also seen the excellent Silence float spa open in Grenoble to much acclaim.

The conclusions we can draw from the success of floatation centers in France, is that floating is a growing practise that works in new territories. Gone are the days where the floatation tanks were considered leftfield or new age.

The popularity of floatation has gone from strength to strength as the concept has become more of a household name, with the news of the benefits spreading across the world. We are now seeing evidence, which is backed up with scientific research, that floating has a positive effect on the body and mind.

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