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Why the UFC Installed an i-sopod Float Tank

14 November 2019, by i-sopod

The UFC recently opened “the world’s largest, state-of-the-art MMA training and development facility” in Shanghai, China, at 93,000 square feet (9,000 square meters) it is three times the size of their other performance institute in Las Vegas.

At i-sopod float tanks, we were honoured that a prestigious organization like the UFC chose our floatation tank to install at this high-tech training facility. It’s really encouraging that the UFC performance institute which is used by so many world-class athletes understands and believes in the benefits of floating.

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank, or float pod, has been around for years and studied by scientists as an amazing way to treat all kinds of physical and mental issues. While the practice of floating is really starting to gain popularity with the general public, the acceptance among athletes and physical trainers has been strong for a far longer period.

Which Professional Athletes Float?
Due to all the amazing benefits that floatation tanks provide, athletes of all kinds can and do benefit from floating. From the Weekend Warriors to the top fighters in UFC, sports people at all levels have experienced improved performance, focus, and recovery by floating. At i-sopod, we have installed floatation tanks at the highest levels of professional athletics. In addition to the new UFC Shanghai Performance Institute, we have installed float pods for a number of professional sports teams in the NFL and Major League Baseball as well as the Australian Institute of Sport. We have even supplied pods for non-traditional athletes, and our float tanks even help the US Navy Seals stay in peak physical and mental condition.

Benefits of Floating for Athletes
There are many benefits that athletes get from floating. Here are 9 ways athletes of all levels benefit from this practice.

1. Speeds recovery from injuries – When athletes get injured, the number one priority is getting healed and back in action as soon as possible. Floating combines several factors that promote healing such as improved circulation, relieving pressure through weightlessness, and allowing your body to soak up healing minerals.

2. Aids visualization and self-hypnosis – Sports psychology has studied competitive athletes and found that visualizing success is a key to positive results. By practising the self-hypnosis, athletes can visualize the results they are looking for which makes them more likely to achieve it.

3. Reduces lactic acid build up – Lactic acid is what builds up in your muscles when you work out and leads to fatigue and possible injury. Reducing this by floating will help you recover quicker after workouts as well.

4. Rapidly eliminates fatigue – When you float, your body absorbs minerals from the water and your body decompresses from the lack of weight. These two factors help your muscles recover faster, so you can be back to feeling 100% quicker than any other method.

5. Decreases pain and inflammation – The magnesium sulfate (Epson salt) that is in the water and makes you float is a great muscle relaxer. It also helps build protein for your joints and decompresses your body to alleviate the stress on certain body parts that can cause pain.

6. Lowers cortisol levels – Cortisol is a steroid hormone that your body naturally produces which regulates a wide range of processes throughout the body, including metabolism. It has a very important role in helping the body respond to physical and mental stress. However, overtraining can cause your cortisol levels to remain high which can lead to serious health issues.

7. Relaxes and focuses the mind – Competitive sports is just as much a mental activity as a physical one. Top athletes use floating to block distractions, put themselves in a meditative state and focus on their goals. It makes them sharper and more “locked in” when they are back on the field of play.

8. Enhances concentration/focus – The meditative state that and relaxation response that is brought on by floating allows your mind to stop focusing on the five senses and truly concentrate on whatever you need to think about. This is why creative people also love to use the floatation tank.

9. Improves oxygen circulation – When you float, the circulation throughout your entire body improves. This means that oxygen is delivered to your cells in a more efficient manner, helping your body and muscles to work more efficiently.

While professional athletes have used floating to up their game for years, you do not have to be in the “big leagues” to experience the same benefit. These advantages that athletes get from floating can help you stay physically fit, mentally sharp, and allow your body to function at peak performance.