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The Benefits of Using Float Tanks Regularly

18 August 2019, by i-sopod

We’re all pretty busy, aren’t we? There are so many demands on our time. Whether it’s studying, working, relationships or hobbies, we seem to be constantly on the go. Whilst it’s great to be busy with work and friends and family, more of us are realising the benefits of looking after ourselves and having a bit of ‘me time’. We practice yoga, or swim, or run, to focus on our health and well-being. We try to eat healthily, we drink lots of water, and mindfulness is the new buzzword, encouraging us to live in the moment instead of agonising over what has been or will be. Then, of course, there’s floatation.

Floating is the ultimate gift to yourself. The time in the pod is so peaceful and relaxing and relieves aches, pains, and mental strain. It’s important in life to have some degree of solitude, giving you the chance to free yourself from the distractions of everyday life and to concentrate on the here and now. The overstimulated environment of the modern world means it’s difficult to slow down your thoughts and focus only on yourself. The degree of calm you will find in the float pod will result in lowering your blood pressure and your heart rate, will allow your brain to relax, and will relieve your stress levels.

Eating healthily or going for a run don’t make much of a difference to your overall health and well-being if you only do it once or every once in a while. You have to keep it up if you are going to feel the real benefits. And it’s the same with floating. The first time you float will feel relaxing and even quite magical but, if you can incorporate floatation into your busy schedule on a regular basis, you will find that the rewards increase.

You will start to feel more at ease with each float as you become more accustomed to the process, meaning you will relax quicker in the pod. Any nerves you may have experienced before the first float will have disappeared, allowing your brain to slow down and switch off more easily, allowing you to unwind fully and feel the maximum benefit of the solitude, peace, and weightlessness.

If you are able to float monthly or weekly (or more often!) all the positives of floating will be increased. Your magnesium levels will be frequently replenished, the strain on your muscles and joints will be regularly relieved, easing pain and discomfort. Allowing your mind to rest and giving yourself regular time to focus on your own thoughts will improve your sleep, alleviate your anxieties and stress, and increase your overall feeling of wellness. And just knowing that you have your next float to look forward to will be a comforting thought when life gets a little too hectic. And that’s something we all need.