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Investing in the best and how "Buy Once and Buy Right" applies to i-sopod Floatation Tanks

13 May 2023, by i-sopod

When evaluating various float tanks, you’ll find that pricing can vary considerably. However, it’s important to note that not all float tanks are created equal in terms of performance, size, durability and running costs. Therefore, a “like-for-like” comparison based solely on price is not advisable.

For example, some pods are 50% smaller than the i-sopod, which can significantly affect the quality of the float experience and make it difficult for larger individuals to use comfortably. It’s crucial to consider all factors when evaluating different float tanks to make an informed decision.

At i-sopod, we believe in the “buy once and buy right” principle, which is why we’re proud to offer one of the highest quality floatation tanks on the market and one of the best warranties too. 2 years on all parts, 3 years on the fibre glass surface and 10 years on the integrity of the structure.

Buying an i-sopod floatation tank is an investment in a high-quality float tank that is durable, reliable, and designed to last. Purchasing a cheaper, lower-quality product may save money in the short term, but will result in frequent repairs, downtime, stress, and maintenance costs that will lead to a higher overall expense in the long term.

We often hear of fundamental issues with a lot of other manufacturers. Pumps that don’t last longer than a year, bubbling and blistering of fibre glass. Slow or difficult to reach customer service and spare parts that take an unacceptable long time to arrive. Filters so small that need to be changed every couple of days as opposed to every couple of weeks, and one manufacturer even cuts corners to such an extent that they only supply one speaker instead of the standard two.

It’s also worth noting that that some manufacturers do not permit Google feedback, which makes you wonder if they have something to hide.

At the bottom of this blog is a picture of a V1.2 filtration and heating module from one of our 2014 pods that we currently have here in our shop, it’s been running non-stop for over 76,000 hours and still has the original heater and pump, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with it, our customer wanted to send in for a full strip down and service.

Investing in an i-sopod will be one of the wisest decision you ever made!