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Floatation Therapy And Pain Relief

11 May 2018, by i-sopod

Clients who use sensory deprivation tanks come to enjoy the process for all sorts of reasons. Some enjoy using a floatation tank to relax, some to practice mindfulness, to meditate and some find that the pain reduction qualities can be hugely beneficial.

Does Floating Reduce Pain?
The pain reducing qualities of using a floatation tank have been extensively recorded. Experts studying the effects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or R.E.S.T, found that floatation benefits chronic pain patients greatly. The majority of users, who have been suffering from chronic pain, even for extended periods of time, can benefit from their very first float session.

How Does It Work?
From the moment you enter the sensory deprivation tank you are immediately surrounded by pleasantly warm water. The water contains a highly concentrated Magnesium Sulphate solution, allowing you to float effortlessly. This relief from the effects of gravity can have instant improving effects on your joints, bones and muscles even when it comes to chronic pain.

As well as the reduced impact of gravity, when entering the tank, users are cut off from external stimuli. This allows you to enter a super relaxed state that is similar to meditation, particularly helping to reduce tensions held in areas such as the shoulders, neck and back.

Do People Find That It Works?
Whilst we at i-sopod believe strongly in the power of floating to reduce aches and pains, you don’t need to take our word for it. Just some examples of feedback we’ve had from clients: “I don’t know whether it is stress or my work, but the pain I was experiencing in my lower back disappeared after the first time I tried the float tank”.

“I had been experiencing a number of really bad headaches over the past year, although not diagnosed I believe these could have been migraines as they were always bad enough to stop me functioning and going to work. A friend recommended the float tank and I thought it sounded a bit weird, but I had nothing to lose. I’ve had one float two months ago and I’ve not had a headache since. Very astonishing when you consider that I was getting headaches every week or two”.

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