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Float Tanks Can Help With Autism, Asperger's, ADHD

01 December 2019, by i-sopod

The world that most of us live in is an increasingly busy one. We are constantly bombarded by sounds, images, information, and the expectation that we can cope with all the pressure this sensory overload entails. This can be challenging for everyone, but particularly so for those who may live with certain neurodevelopmental conditions such as Autism, Asperger syndrome and ADHD.

For people living with these, and similar, conditions, who may find social interaction and communication more difficult than many of us, the overwhelmingly hectic pace of life and the torrent of sensory stimulation in our modern world can be a huge encumbrance. The stress of trying to cope with such overstimulation of the senses leads to tension in the body, which can increase stress levels further, and cause physical pain, confusion and distress.

Floatation has been recognised for many years as being beneficial in helping to relieve stress and is now being seen as an escape from the strain of sensory overload for people who live with these neurodevelopmental conditions. A float pod is a haven of sensory deprivation. It is a quiet, dark, and weightless environment, allowing the opportunity to escape from the bustle of everyday life, free from outside stimulation and its associated pressures. It is a chance to relax and relieve physical and mental tensions.

It can be a challenge for someone with Autism, Asperger syndrome or ADHD to lie still in a float pod for an hour, but gradually increasing the time spent in the float tank can offer huge rewards, such as feeling more relaxed, sleeping better, and having increased levels of concentration. Being able to escape to an oasis of calm and quiet offers a real refuge from the burden of what can seem, for many, a chaotic world.

Floatation is being acknowledged as such a beneficial therapy that a school in America, for children on the autism spectrum, now offers float therapy to their students. The Gersh Academy will be looking at not only the fact that the floatation tank offers peaceful sanctuary from elevated stress levels, but whether the benefits of time spent in the pod will have any positive effect on concentration and grade averages. Even if there is no improvement in educational performance, the refuge the float pod offers will hugely enhance the physical and mental well-being of the students.