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Float San Antonio Breaks Record!

09 May 2017, by i-sopod

Float, San Antonio adds additional i-sopod float tank within months of opening.

Congratulations to Jeremy and Courtney of Float San Antonio

Float opened in November 2016 with two i-sopod float tanks and a single float room and were at 80% occupancy after only a few months!

Whilst we’re used to i-sopod customers being successful, it’s a record to receive a follow up order in less than 6 months!

We were thrilled to fly back out to Float again as they had been so welcoming and hospitable on our previous visit.

So you might ask, what’s the secret to their success? In a nutshell we believe it’s impeccable customer service, beautiful float tanks, a stylish and modern interior and the ability to present floatation in a way that connects deeply with all their customers.

Well done guys, you rock!