General maintenance of the float tank is straightforward and simple, and differs only slightly to the maintaining a whirlpool bath, spa or swimming pool.

The solution in the tanks is automatically kept at a constant temperature and is inherently sterile due to the high concentration of dissolved Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate). After each float session the powerful filtration system is automatically activated, eliminating any debris and keeping the tank clean at all times.

After each session it is necessary to wipe salt from the external surfaces of the tank and at the same time a small amount of disinfectant is administered to the solution automatically (a local government requirement) to ensure complete hygiene.

Weekly maintenance involves making sure that the pH levels are correct with any adjustment being made through the addition of dry acid. The checking of disinfectant and pH levels takes only a couple of minutes using test strips and a photometer. A weekly check of the water level is also required.

Buoyancy readings need to be taken every 2 weeks or so, depending on usage, to make sure there is enough salt in the solution. On average levels need to be topped up every 2 months.

Routine running costs are approximately £40 per week which covers chemicals, salt and electricity.