The i-sopod

Previously, most floatation tanks on sale have been hand made, poorly designed and thus somewhat unreliable, and as a direct result we believe, floatation has not yet reached the level of popularity that this exceptional therapy deserves.

The [i-sopod] floatation tank is a deep relaxation capsule which removes external stimulation to the body and ultimately to the mind. Completely free – standing, the [i-sopod] requires no external plumbing and runs on the standard 240 volt power supply. The customer floats effortlessly on the surface of a shallow 30cm pool of super saturated Epsom Salt solution, inside the skin-temperature light-proof capsule. The absence of external stimuli – no gravity, temperature, touch, light or sound – knocks out an estimated 90% of the usual “traffic” through the nervous system, triggering an ultra-deep state of physical and mental relaxation. Besides being a highly enjoyable experience, the floatation tank is a powerful, well-documented “tool” for attaining peak levels of natural health and well-being.

Our tanks float area is somewhat larger than most of the other tanks that are currently on the market, making for a much less cramped and more comfortable in tank experience.

Fully insulated and double skinned throughout

All parts are over engineered with only the best components used, titanium and the highest grade Stainless Steel.

Existing tanks filter at around 30 micros, with our filters being fully effective up to one micron, which is an incredible 100 times smaller than a human hair!

The solution is heated externally to the tank, which negates any electro-magnetic fields which can occur when using heaters which are embedded into the base of the float tank. We found that when the tanks heaters are not directly underneath the client that the overall quality of the experience is greatly increased.

Installation of the [i-sopod] is vastly quicker and less labour-intensive than current floatation systems as the filter station, pump and heater system (the “engine”) are all external to the main body of the tank. When the engine is incorporated in the internals of the float tank, servicing and repairs can be very complicated and costly. Our design is guaranteed to afford you minimal effort and increased cost-efficiency.

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