Financial Return

How much can I earn?

At a typical charge rate of £40 for a 60 minute float session, up to 9 customers per 12 hour day can enjoy the unique benefits of floating in a single tank.

Use the sliders below to work out how much you could earn.

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Session charges in the UK and Europe are usually £40 to £50 per one hour session, and $45 to $75 in the United States. These rates allow scope to offer good discounting for group bookings, memberships and multiple voucher purchases.

A well-run commercial operation can achieve 9 customers per tank in a 12 hour day. This is based on an 80 minute turnaround time which allows for a 15 minute end-of-session filtration cycle and the additional time needed to wipe down the tank, check on showering consumables and prepare the room for the next customer.

Just 2 customers a day will recover the cost of the tank and yield over a 100% return on investment, within the first 12 months.

How we can help

We’ve built up a tremendous amount of expertise which we are more than happy to share with you. We can advise on all aspects of float therapy and the successful running of a float centre, from design of the centre through to marketing strategies. Using data from our own successful operation we can also help you write your business plan

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